Low Pressure Drop Eliminates Maintenance and Saves Energy

 The Pure-Aire Series Mist Eliminator removes oil mist and particulate to protect the investment in your plant equipment and improve product quality. The extremely low pressure differential and extended element life reduce energy costs and maintenance intervals. The benefits of a 0.5 psid pressure differential and service life of 7 to 15 years exceeds all standard filtration. The use of the Mist Eliminator assures additional protection from a catastrophic failure inside an oil lubricated compressor separator system. 

The PDF Series Mist Eliminator is available from 500 to 10,000 scfm. Standard vessel design is 150 psi gauge. Consult factory for special pressures. 

Benefits and Standard Features

Reduce Energy Costs

The PDF Series Mist Eliminator pressure drop design is the lowest available at 0.5 psi (average), which is typically 4 to 6 psid lower than conventional filters. This provides significant energy savings based on the rule of thumb that for every 2 psi pressure drop that is eliminated a 1% energy reduction in HP is achieved.


Technical Brochure