Save Water and Energy by Recycling Water and Glycol

The Pure-Aire CLC Series Closed Loop Cooling System continuously recirculates water and glycol without evaporation making this a highly energy efficient and low maintenance solution for industrial cooling. A closed loop cooling system can cool the process fluid from 5°F to 10°F above the ambient temperature. The CLC Series will allow you to avoid high operating costs associated with other systems such as water consumption, sewer discharge, EPA regulations, chemical treatment, and maintenace.

Eliminate Water Consumption

Significantly lowers water and energy consumption and maintains more consistent cooling temperatures.

Energy Efficient

Dissipated heat can be recovered for space heating or process heating.

VSD Fan Control and Staging

Maximum energy efficiency and thermal protection.

Best In Class Warranty

System warranty on defects in materials and workmanship. 1 year warranty on all components provided. 3 year warranty on all components if system in installed by a Pure-Aire distributor.

Benefits and Standard Features

Optional Features


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