The Most Energy Efficient Design. Period.

The Pure-Aire Z Series has revolutionized the compressed air industry. Its revolutionary design uses an average 1.7% purge flow and ZERO heat to regenerate the desiccant bed. A regeneration pump draws moisture from the desiccant bed and only consumes half the energy of the next most efficient design! 

Non-Lubricated Valves Through 2"

Time proven to be the most reliable. Precision machined, premium valves resist desiccant dust and are serviceable in place.

High Performance Valves 3" and Above

Double offset design ensures reliable switching with maximum service life.

Best In Class Warranty

The first 12 months covers all components. Each additional year of major component coverage (up to 9) is validated by an annual service call and parts kit from your local Pure-Aire distributor.


Digital dew point display and sensor reduce energy by matching system demand to dryer purge flow.

Benefits and Standard Features

Optional Features


Technical Brochure