Unparalleled Reliability and Performance

The Pure-Aire C Series raises the bar for reliability while maintaining the total lowest cost of ownership and maximizing productivity. It is designed to outperform any refrigerated dryer available. Cool Force™ technology ensures a consistent dew point is held under 40°F.

Cool Force Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer

Forced circulation of coolant through a stainless steel exchanger eliminates dew point fluctuations as seen in competitive dryers where the heat exchanger is immersed in the coolant and the refrigeration compressor cycles to match air demand. Dual setpoints safely ensure maximum cooling throughout the entire flow of operation.

Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

Premium components are utilized to ensure unmatched reliability and performance.

Best In Class Warranty

The first 12 months covers all components. 10 year warranty on heat exchanger. 5 year warranty on refrigerant compressor.

Benefits and Standard Features

Optional Features


Technical Brochure