Point-of-Use Drying

The Pure-Aire MP Series is robust yet easy to maintain, highly efficient, and delivers low dew points. The MP Series raises the bar of typical regenerative desiccant dryers by delivering high quality air without the cost and prohibitive high energy consumption, huge initial capital investment or expensive service calls. The MP Series modular design fits any situation and is the perfect solution for point-of use at highly critical applications.  

Benefits and Standard Features

Additional Smart Valve Features

Drive down dew points and energy consumption further with the MP Smart Valve model that synchronizes the dryer to the compressor, Use the Smart Valve App to select the operating parameters the best meet your needs. 

The Smart Valve App provides the information you need to make smarter maintenance choices by sending service alerts and tracing maintenance work. 

Match Dryer to Compressor Cycles

Further reduce energy use and operating costs.

Smart Cycling

Via Bluetooth, select the smart cycle that further reduces dew points and energy consumption. 

Bluetooth App Sends Service Single

Maximize service life without risk of exposing equipment to damaging contaminants. 

MP Series1

Technical Brochure